Ey up everyone. I thought it might be worthwhile for you to know my story and how the Henkipod came about. I am an experienced cabinet maker that specialises in making bespoke cabinetry and furniture and I’ve been doing this for a long time, twenty-five years thereabouts! I also have a huge love for everything camping and the outdoors.

As a North Yorkshire lad that believes in keeping everything British, I discovered these quirky teardrop caravans that were being produced in this country. I knew that I wanted to have a crack at making these myself and the opportunity came when Carapod ceased trading and I bought the company with the intention of introducing the same stylish shell but with a high-quality interior. With a few adjustments and improvements, I could make the iconic
pod even more suitable for the everyday camper.

In case you are interested, the name, ‘Henki’ is an old school nickname of mine that eventually became the name of my cabinet making business so I thought it was apt to include this moving into my next venture and so the Henkipod was born!

It has taken a serious amount of blood, sweat and a lot of tears to develop the Henkipod into a teardrop caravan that is bespoke and finished to a high-quality. As I do not settle for mediocre, it has taken me a long time to produce the teardrop caravan that everyone dreams about. With Covid and running another business, everything has taken some time but I am confident in the product I have produced. Prices have soared for materials and parts, and manufacturers have changed significantly due to price and quality assurance.

Aren’t you tired of seeing all of these white, plastic micro caravans and tourers that essentially are the same white box that lack any thought or design features? The Henkipod is iconic to its British history, and I have worked extremely hard with years of research into design and production. We are now finally ready for a full launch.

Our Henkipods are made to order and we have exciting projects in the future so watch this space! Please join our mailing list for updates and exclusive membership perks.

Each and every model of the pod is unique and can be customised to suit an individual.

Why be ordinary?

We are the coolest caravan on the planet