Specifications & Materials

Size & Dimensions

“Believe me, I know what you are thinking…it’s tiny! Would it be a surprise if I told you that I am 6ft, 6 and can easily fit into the pod and I have ample space? It’s like a tardis! Even a Fiat 500 can legally tow our IVA inspected Henkipod”

  • Standard unbraked models external dimensions Gross trailer weight: 500kg (the maximum the trailer can be legally, equals the weight of the trailer plus the weight of the ‘podders’ belongings and is the maximum the suspension is certified for)
  • Net trailer weight: averages out at 340kg (the weight of the finished trailer only but this depends on the model)
  • Nose weight: (weight pressed down onto the towball of the towing vehicle): On average 60kg (depending on model)
  • Length including hitch: 320cm
  • Width including wheel arches: 165cm
  • Height floor to top of roof vent: 163cm
  • Bed dimensions: 180cm long by 130cm wide


We source the best quality materials and components for each Henkipod. The shell is a single piece of fibreglass that is custom made using our own special moulds. We use birch plywood and other specific lightweight materials for all the cabinetry and installation inside your Henkipod. Every component of the Henkipod has been researched and it has taken a lot of time and development to source the correct parts in terms of fitting and quality.

The Henkipod

Aluminium porthole windows either single or double glazed, with openers
Rear lights as standard or LED dependent on model. Raised sections on body work can be painted different colours as an optional extra
External gas outlet for the use of a camping stove and/or a gas BBQ. The Impulse model requires a camping stove but the Nomad model comes with an integrated stove and sink Opening porthole window. Two-way lockable night latch.
10 inch steel wheels or alloy wheels depending on model or as an optional extra
Colour matched roof vent in order for essential ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
Side door with aluminium porthole window and lockable door. All of our fittings are quality stainless steel so that they do not rust
Colour matched front locker that houses the gas bottles plus additional storage that is lockable
240 volt electric hook-up dependent on model or as an optional extra
Opening porthole window. Two-way lockable night latch.

Henkipod Interior

Birch-ply interior either natural or painted
Choice of fabric and upholstery options
Customisable interior options
Storage options depending on Henkipod model
Drop-down footwell for extra space and storage
Appliance options depending on model
Tech options depending on models